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Traveler's oasis that is closed to the sky

  • There is a town called "San Cristóbal de las Casas" in Mexico. When I stepped into this place as a traveler, I immediately felt divined. There is something holy about this place. And so do all the tourists feel the same way. Here, I list up why do the travelers are attracted to this town.

  • The town

    This town is in Chiapas, which is the most south state in Mexico. The town is 2100m high and surrounded by mountains of 2400m.

    The biggest population is Maya indigenes, which is one of the oldest tribe in American continent. The second is the Spanish Mexicans. And the third to be emigrants from foreign countries, and travelers who live there for long period.

    This region is the lowest economic standard in Mexico, Therefore, the streets are made of stone blocks and houses have the yellow tile, just like old scenery of old historical Spanish town.

    Cultural centers

    Although the economic standard is one of the lowest in Mexico, there are a lot of travelers from inland and foreign country and diverse of cultural activities.

    There are some small cultural centers in the central of the town. They organize workshops of martial arts, yoga, etc. and there are concerts, theater plays and art festivals in the weekends.


    Music is the biggest attraction in this town. There are concerts of rock, folk, or any kinds of music at many bars and restaurants. Even when you drink a cup of coffee, you have a chance to enjoy live music in the cafe. Most of concerts are for free although you could donate some coins.

    San Cristóbal is the one of the best place for musicians. You could just go into most the bars to ask for playing without any complications. That is why the town is full of live music and easy to access for either musicians or audience.


    There are lots of kind, homey, small and cheap hostels in the town. There, you may get newest information about traveling around the world at dinner table, and you may find good companies to go to bars and parties.

    Central market

    There is a big market of indigenes people in the central of the town. There, you cold find fresh vegetables and meat from the region, and all kinds of goods and food.

    There are also chap restaurants in the market that you can order tacos, tortas(sandwiches) and other traditional dishes and it's possible to eat very cheap.

    Indigenes people and history of the town

    The indigenes people in this region are called Maya. They are smaller than Spanish-Mexicans and women wear colorful traditional cloth.

    In the ancient time, This place used to be a big pound, but the water disappeared at certain point and piece of flat ground appeared in the mountain. Maya people found the place. They built temples and lived as a holy place.

    Then some hundreds years ago, the Spanish people found this place and built churches and town on top of the Maya civilization.

    about history of San Cristóbal

    San Cristóbal de las Casas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Living as outsider

    You can find quite large house for reasonable price easily. Though, you have to know that houses are badly constructed and mostly in bad condition.

    Although Maya people and the others live together in the town, there is a distance between those two kinds of people. And population of San Cristòbal is getting bigger and bigger in these years because of the development of transportation.

    As outsiders moving in to this culture, it seems that it's necessary to consider how to comunicate with the indigenes people and culture and not to disturb them too much.

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