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Photography Brought Me Great Benefits in My Life

  • Photography is one of my interests. I take pictures whenever I feel it is a beautiful moment. 3 years ago, I bought my first single-lens reflex camera. After I learned how to take with the manual setting last year, taking pictures became enjoyable more and more.Thinking about my photography life past 3 years, I realized I obtained some benefits by taking pictures.

  • 1. Ability to take action

    Before I started photography, I was not so often willing to go out. The destinations were vague, and I couldn't see the purpose to go there. However, taking beautiful pictures became one of the great goals in my usual life. I don't hesitate to go out when I find some attractive scenery that I want to take.

    The ability is used in my life when I get trouble or worried. Even though when I go to other countries, and feel anxious, I can expect many fantastic sceneries to be photographed are waiting for me.

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    2. The level of femininity

    When taking pictures, especially street photography, I am required to notice some fascinating scenes. The timing may appear suddenly, so I will expect what will happen next. I really need to watch around carefully all the time.

    The skill is like a woman’s femininity (girl’s power), that cares people around her and acts attentive. I guess the skill increased by taking pictures.


    3. The point of view

    When I take pictures, I look objects from some angles not only one. Also by changing lenses, the scenery look totally different from the first look. I like my wide-angle lens and use it often. When I used a telephoto lens that I first thought it was not for me, the world was totally changed.

    The experience followed me the spirit of “out of the box,” and looking for more possibilities. Taking pictures broadened my horizon.


    4. Importance of every moment

    Last summer I went to a city and tried to photograph some buildings in the late afternoon. After I spent some hours, I suddenly encountered one great scene. A sun light among the buildings under the sky attracted me a lot. Just 5 minutes later, the light disappeared. I felt the importance of the moment.

    The past time doesn’t come back forever.I could realize each moment of the scene was valuable.

    These benefits are just mere part of it. We can obtain enormous advantages by taking pictures.

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