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My Guilin Trip 〜Learning from Failure〜

  • Last summer, my husband and I went to Guilin, China, for a trip. Guilin is one of the beautiful sightseeing spots in the world. The scenery is like a traditional ink-wash painting drawn a Chinese landscape. The destination was great, but actually, the trip was full of failure. So, I would like to tell you the way to have a more successful trip for you.

  • 1. Make early reservation of the train

    At first, we didn't expect that it would be a tough trip. This time, we couldn't decide the place to go soon. Because we anyway wanted to go for a trip during last summer, the destination was chosen two days before we left. Therefore, our trip started without enough planning.

    The first failure was happened when we went to a train station in Shenzhen. We thought it would be easy to buy our tickets for Guilin. Because Guilin was more popular than we expected, there were too many people waiting for the tickets. We despaired in the beginning of our trip. We finally could buy the tickets for Guilin, but they were not the tickets of the train but a long-distance highway bus sold by a local person.

    You should immediately buy the ticket of a transportation you want to take. The number of people who try to purchase the ticket will be more than you think.

    2. Make sure the place you stay

    After taking 12-hour-long-distance highway bus (it takes 3~4 hours if we take the train), we finally arrived our destination, Guilin. I really needed to take a rest a little, but the second trial was coming soon.

    We surely reserved a hotel online. However, we didn't make sure the place of the hotel. Even though it would be within 30 minutes from the bus station, and we knew the address of the hotel, we, especially me, had one problem. It is called “lack of a sense of direction.” We of course got lost. It was a totally new place for us, and sadly, both of us could not speak Chinese, that the local people only could use. We asked the way a lot. Some people draw a map for us, but it was not clear. After asking almost 10 Chinese people, we found the board written the hotel’s name.

    So, be careful. The hotel you stay is the most important place that can heal your fatigue of trip. Don’t forget to make sure how to get there.

    3. Recognize if you like tours or not

    I guess there are two types of travelers in this world. One is a person who likes travel tours scheduled in a detail. The other type is a person who doesn't like to be scheduled and loves to travel by his/her own. We are surely the latter type. However, we tried a short tour with others only one time during this trip. It was because we really wanted to take Li River Cruise (漓江下り). We took the certain way to take the cruise by joining the tour. As the result, we were late for the tour from the first and brought trouble to the others. We were truly sorry for it.

    I recommend that you should just follow your travel type. It will be a better way to have a nice trip for everyone.

    4. Stay Positive

    There were so many troubles during the Guilin trip last Summer. However, there were also good points for it.

    Thanks to the long-distance highway bus, we could have the rare experience that not many people can do. Also I loved the view from the window. It was exciting for me all the time. Because we got lost, we could feel the kindness of the local people. Before going to Guilin, I was a little afraid of Chinese people. It was because they don't speak English. Actually,and thankfully, they were all nice of us. Because we couldn’t join the tour, and we could stay any places as much as we wanted, we could encounter some beautiful landscapes and took time to take the pictures.

    So, don’t be negative even if you got some trouble during your trip.Taking a trip DOES bring many troubles for anyone. That can be said one of the real thrill of trips. After overcoming the problems in your travel, you will be a much much tough and wild person. I may call it a "Successful Trip."

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