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Living in Hong Kong Told Me 5 Attractive Points of Hong Kong People

  • Everyone has each attractive point, but basically, it will take time to discover the point for other people. Furthermore, what will happen when we are in other countries? It will be much harder. I started to live in Hong Kong from 2015. By living in this country, I was gradually getting to realize Hong Kong people are attractive in five ways.

  • 1. They love air conditioners.

    Have you read a guidebook saying “don’t forget to bring warm clothes when you come to Hong Kong even in Summmer”? It is a very useful and thankful advice for visitors. Summer in Hong Kong is hot, and also “cold.” Actually, the hotter it gets outside, the colder it gets inside.

    Hong Kong people love air conditioners and hate the stuffy air.Even outside, they bring their own electronic hand fans. It is like a summer fashion among Hong Kong people. It was so nice to see a baby napping in a stroller, which had a baby’s little fan though.

    2. They love Tai Chi (太極拳).

    Taking about Hong Kong, we cannot miss Bruce Lee, one of the big stars born in Hong Kong. However I didn't know there were so many people like Bruce Lee in this country before coming.

    When I went to a small park in Hong Kong, my eyes were captured by people playing Tai Chi. Slow motions were being played by them. I felt “oh it must be Hong Kong here.” This country is a busy place, but their slow motion makes some atmosphere keep calm.

    3. They love music.

    Hong Kong people love music. A Symphony of Lights is the great light and sound show, and any cities cannot imitate this music performance held every night.

    I see music people even in a park and road. When I went to a park near the Victoria Harbour, one singing old woman passed by me. When I looked behind to see her again, I noticed that it was a song from a portable stereo carried by her. I meet this type of Hong Kong people not only when I’m in a park but also I hike on a mountain trail.

    Named the 'World's Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show' by Guinness World Records

    A Symphony of Lights | Hong Kong Tourism Board

    4. They respect for the old.

    I saw a kind of shocking scene when I got on a tram at the first time. It was full of people inside and no seats to sit down there. One old man got on the tram at the next stop. Suddenly a young woman stood up and gave her seat to the old man. It took super short time as if she believed she had no choice but giving her seat.

    Since then, I’ve never seen people who don't give up their seat to old people. Maybe because of the young’s kindness, the old are so powerful that they play health equipment in a park like every day.

    5. They are good friends.

    They are good friends with each other, and with us. They play sports, board games, and dance together. Even though they sometimes wear a sulky face, they are mostly kind.They are proud of their nationality and love this country, Hong Kong.

    Knowing the attractive points of others will be a way to become good friends for us too, even when we live in different countries.

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