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"Your Life Will Be Better" How to Live Abroad More Smoothly

  • What would you do if you were suddenly required to live abroad? You may feel afraid, terrified...or can be excited? Living abroad will be no longer a reason for your concern, as long as you notice five tips of living abroad more comfortably.

  • 1. Learn the country's history before living

    The events and people that shaped who we are today are incredibly important.

    7 Reasons Why It is Important to Study History ... → Lifestyle

    When my husband got a job in Hong Kong, I was required to move Japan to the country suddenly. I got a little worried and asked myself, "how can I adjust for the new life? what is the difference with Japan? and even WHERE IS Hong Kong?" I realized I didn't know about the country well.

    So, what I did at first was trying to learn about the country. I studied the history and the life style of Hong Kong by using the internet and reading books. Then gradually, my concern was fading out.

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    2. Get to know the local people

    Once you step out of Japan, everything will be new for you. To obtain enough benefits in the new place and live well, you will be required the next action. Going outside and getting to know the local people are very important.

    On my first day in Hong Kong, the door key got broken. I was shocked and asked for help. When I walked around a road aimlessly, a local person told me a key shop. Then I could get into my room thanks to him. Don’t be afraid of the local people but the broken key excluding you from the room.

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    3. Join the local events

    Living in the country means you have a chance to join the local events anytime. Tourists cannot join all events, but you can do it if you try. Don’t miss the opportunity.

    The mid-autumn harvest festival was the coolest event ever. It was held during three nights. Dancing fire dragon at night was beautiful.By joining local events, you will love the country more. Now it’s December. My first Christmas in Hong Kong is coming soon.

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    4. Take it Easy

    You can have some great experience by living in a new country, but some may still feel loneliness and get homesick. You don’t need to be too strong. When you feel a little tired, have a break.

    In Hong Kong, there are many activity groups like soccer, jogging, cooking, and dragon boat team. Many Japanese join them and communicate each other. Most people might feel loneliness at least one time. So you can share your feelings and take a time to recover.

    Take it easy baby, take it as it comes - specialize in having fun!(Jim Morrision)

    Take It Easy Quotes

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    5. Bring/Find your PASSION

    Even if you are in other countries, you can do what you want, and even you will get more opportunities to express yourself. If you have your passion, bring it to the new country. If not, find it there.

    I'm a wife but still look for more possibility in my life. I bring my camera to any places in this country. I keep taking pictures and writing my emotion with words. It’s better to bring or find your passion even in other countries. Then your life will be brighter.

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