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ditors. is a media platform made with the plan to be a place to freely post articles based on writers' "Real Experience". If you want to write an article about a book you recommend then it will probably be about something from your bookshelf at home. If it is an article about gourmet food in the local area, then the author will write about a shop they have been to before. If it is about art or culture, then it is important to have relevant experience in order for the article to leave a lasting impression on readers. For readers, having an article written based on "Real Experience" is ideal. We believe that we are entering an age where the culture around posting personal experiences on the internet is starting to become more and more refined.

Our Mission

At ditors. we want to support anyone who wishes to publish their own works.
Professional writers push the limits of their ability to express themselves within the bounds of their deadlines and writing medium. Editing every line so it's just right and reordering paragraphs are among the functions ditors. provides to help writers portray the exact message they want to convey to readers in their articles. From that, ditors. had its name coined, allowing anyone to be an editor.
The article editing page on ditors. has the minimal necessary functions to simply and easily write, and they continue to be improved every day. Starting with the perfect title, one can then flesh out their ideas paragraph by paragraph while one writes their article. It is possible to save drafts to be continued on later and published at one's convenience. ditors. employs cutting edge server-side technology to have all the changes made to an article synchronized with the server in real time, saving any modifications to an article automatically.

From now on

ditors. is originally developed in Japan, however the development team plans to spread its community across the globe. The biggest hurdle to globalize media platforms is the language barriers between different countries. ditors. plans to overcome this challenge by offering users of the platform a way to translate articles written on the service into other languages.
In curation media, "real experience" based introductions to local gourmet places, books, gadgets, and even pictures and videos account for the majority of blogs and articles. ditors. welcomes contributions in all languages, and hopes to become a platform for writers and translators of all languages to express themselves freely.
On ditors. it is important that all published articles are available to be translated into other languages. For curation media, the information presented is most important. Allowing any user to translate published articles allows more people in the world to experience the knowledge passed on from users' "real experence". In return, translation contributors will have access to an incentive program rewarding them for their contributions to helping the platform with this important goal.

Take a glance at what you can read on ditors.

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Hiroyuki Tsuruda

September 11


ditors. が大切にしている7つの設計思想

ditors. [ディターズ] を開発する上で大切にしている7つの設計思想です。これは、サービスを利用する全てのユーザーにとっての投稿ガイドラインでもあります。

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Takeshi Kawamura

December 12




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yurika makiyama

December 11




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